torstaina, maaliskuuta 11, 2010

Punaiset saappaat loskalammikot ja Belle&Sebastian:

If you're a storyteller you might think you're without responsibility
And you can lead your characters anywhere you want
You have immunity

Ja tekee mieli juosta hyppiä juosta portaat ylös
mummot rappukäytävässä
juosta hyppiä

Have you considered the way
People might react to all the things that your characters say?
And are their actions hand in hand with what you want to portray?
Are you sick?
Are you crippled? Insane?
Expressing the desires that daren't speak their name?
Are you the one to be blamed?

ja pian taas uuteen bussiin
tuttuun bussiin
sama linja
käy tutuksi
juoksee juosta

How can you finish the tale?
Lives which have played a part
Are summarized from the very start
And episodes left out to make it all go our way
"It's a might big world
Some of it I've seen
But mostly I've only heard
And stories are all fiction from their moment of birth"

ja vessan tuuletusaukon kautta
koko kerrostalo saa.

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